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Just like everything we do, we make Stoneware fun and easy!

We will help you discover the stunning beauty of Stoneware glazes and techniques. Love it!

We are the only studio around that carries and understands Stoneware.

Discover the stunning beauty and functionality of Stoneware!

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We are loving our Stoneware pottery! Why?


  1. Loving the glazes! Stoneware uses a different set of glazes than our regular bisque pottery. These glazes have that more traditional look of hand thrown pottery, yet are just as easy to use as regular glazes. And you can use most of our regular glazes and techniques on stoneware.
  2. Because stoneware is made from a dense clay body that is fired at a higher temperature than our regular bisque pottery, it is much more resistant to chipping.
  3. Prepare your dinner, put it in the oven, take it out and serve it, put it in the dishwasher, and then reheat it in - Yes, it's that functional

You'll love it too!

Please call us at 317-337-1263 or email us at Rob@PotteryByYou.com if you have any questions. We enjoy questions!