A Beautiful Bisque, Gorgeous Glass, Marvelous Mud, Stunning Stoneware and Wonderful Wood studio. 

Introducing our newest addition to the fun things we can teach you at Pottery By You - Wonderful Wood!

We have expanded our studio to give Wonderful Wood the room it needs for you to come and play!

As in everything we do at Pottery By You, we have made it fun and easy to create distressed wood boards. You will be sanding, drilling and painting like an expert!

All Wonderful Wood projects are by class only. We have many to choose from! And don't forget you can host a Wonderful Wood party!

All About Wonderful Wood

Sign up for class!

We would love to teach you how to create these wonderful wood signs. All you need to do is sign up for a class and we will step you through the process. It is easy and fun and full of customization!

NEW! $25 Wood Parties!Book a party for 10 or more, age 12+ and you can pick from any of our 11"x11" boards. You pick the colors - we make it fun and easy!

On Saturday's at 3:00 we have a class that does not require a 24 hour advance registration. You will love this special selection of boards. Our Saturday afternoon classes are open to age 12+. All of our other classes a this time are for 18+.

For any other day, or even Saturday night, pick a board, any board, at our class registration site Shop.PotteryByYou.com. Then pick a time. As long as we have 24 hour notice, we will have a class for you. Bring a friend and they can pick a different board. We just need 24 hour notice to prepare your project. Ages 18+. Sign up online at Shop.PotteryByYou.com or call us at 317-337-1263.


Want a Wonderful Wood party?

We would love to teach your party! Please call the studio to make your reservation. 

Party requirements are as follows:

1. At this time we are only offering adult (18+) parties. We will change this soon as create kid-friendly boards.

2. Minimum of 8 painters. Final number of party attendees required 48 hours prior to the date of the party.

3. $150 deposit applied to the final cost of the party.

4. No refunds allowed.

5. Customized information must be collected and sent the studio 48 hours prior to the date of your party.

I want it my way.

We encourage you to create your sign the way you want it. If you are choosing a class that has customization, like a name, we will create it! You can choose any color you want, including metallics, for your sign, background and letters. You can even hombre if you want! All color choices are made during class.

However due to the process, your boards will need to be the size and direction as indicated in the picture for class. If the class is for a square sign, you can flip the board from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.

You must be protected.

You may be using power tools in classes (we will show you how) and the paint we use will stain your clothes (we do provide aprons). There is always a possibility of a splinter or chipped nails (we do have gloves). So please be aware that accidents may happen and we aren't liable. Your safety and happiness is priority to us and we have processes to protect you.

How much will this cost?

Our introductory prices range from $30-$55. 

How long does this take and will I be able to take it home with me?

We are estimating that most classes will take about 2 hours. However, we do have a couple classes that will take 3. Duration of class will be listed in the registration process and class restrictions. Please be aware that we are learning as you learn- so classes may go faster or slower depending on the project. You will be able to take your Wonderful Wood sign home with you!